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Tumors of the male genital organs

The risk of developing both benign and malignant tumors of the male reproductive system increases with age, especially in conditions such as adenoma (benign hyperplasia) and prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer, for example, is most commonly found in men over the age of 65. Only 1% of all cases fall on the share of patients with this disease under the age of 64 years.

Adenoma of the prostate can also be called an age-related disease. Only 10% of men over 80 years old avoid this ailment.

At the same time, men are between the ages of 20 and 40. As a rule, trauma to the testicles, especially repeated ones, become a predisposing factor for this tumor. Therefore, testicular cancer develops more often in athletes, in particular in football players, hockey players, cyclists, etc.

All tumor formations in the early stages rarely make themselves felt. Therefore, every man after 40 years needs to visit a urologist or andrologist once a year and undergo a complete examination of the genitourinary system. And after 60 years, especially in the presence of prostate adenoma, periodically get tested for prostate cancer.

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