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Male contraceptive methods

Most men consider it a purely female responsibility to take care of pregnancy prevention. And yet, men can and should take an active part in protecting their partners from unwanted pregnancies. Here are examples of all the methods of male contraception that exist today.

Interrupted intercourse
One of the most unreliable. It is believed that the effectiveness of the method does not exceed 70%, almost every third act can be dangerous, since a small amount of sperm can be released at the beginning of sexual intercourse. In addition, this “protection” can lead to sexual dysfunction in both partners.

UNITED KINGDOM – JANUARY 12: Contraceptive kit including male pills, syringes, and bottles of testosterone solution. Following successful trials of the male contraceptive pill at Edinburgh University, the Dutch pharmaceutical company Organon decided to complete wider trials of their own. Their ‘pill’ is made up of a daily pill and a monthly testosterone injection, which is needed because the pill stops the production of both sperm and testosterone. Testosterone cannot be taken orally as a tablet as it would either be destroyed by the stomach (if the dosage was too small), or risk damaging the liver (if the dosage was too large). (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

Artificially prolonged intercourse
Also refers to unreliable methods. Of course, it prolongs the time of sexual pleasure for partners and, as a rule, does not lead to ejaculation, but it cannot guarantee security, since sperm is released not only during orgasm, but also together with lubrication. In addition, if this method is used frequently, it can lead to impotence and health problems in the man (high blood pressure and headache).

Samurai Egg
Hot scrotum is an ancient Japanese method of temporary sterilization of a man by increasing the temperature in the scrotum, which is achieved by taking a daily hot bath of 46.60 C for 45 minutes for a month. Overheating of the testicles disrupts sperm production. By the way, the same effect is obtained if you drive a car for more than four hours a day. After these procedures, the man becomes sterile for almost six months. Then everything is restored again in the same volume, but … there is a danger of cancer.

Ideal for a man. However, a condom can break and it takes some skill to use it. Modern technologies offer high-strength and ultra-thin latex condoms in various lengths, colors and flavors. However, a condom can break and it takes some skill to use it.

Hormonal agents
Preparations containing “androgens and antiandrogens” (large doses of testosterone), which cause azoospermia (sperm disappears) and temporary infertility. Abuse of these drugs can be fraught with the development of tumor processes in the testicles for a man.

Subcutaneous implant for men
Ampoules containing “androgens” are implanted by the surgeon under the skin, where they dissolve within 2-4 weeks. During orgasm, a small amount of “rendered harmless” sperm is released. The effect lasts about 3-5 months. Sometimes there are not very pleasant side effects (headaches, genital cramps, etc.). Development of more advanced injectables continues – 1 injection in the arm annually or monthly.

The preparation containing “cyproterone-acetate”
These are the same oral contraceptives, only for men. Continuous use of the drug leads to temporary sterilization and a decrease in sperm count. After stopping taking the pills, sperm volumes are restored, but it is not yet clear how long a man will be able to fertilize.

Tablets containing “estrogen and androgen”
These pills cause an increase in libido and at the same time reduce the quality of the sperm. You can use it for 1 month, and then take a break for 3-4 months. If the drug is used for too long, side effects may occur: mental disorders, decreased tone and interest in life.

Ligation of the spermatic cord, which can be untied if desired. An ideal method in the treatment of sexual weakness, prevention of inflammatory changes after removal of a prostate tumor.

male contraception. This operation involves cutting the vas deferens, which carry sperm from both testicles. About a month after her, the man becomes completely sterile. Previously, the main disadvantage of a vasectomy was that a man was unable to conceive a child for the rest of his life. Currently, a “reverse vasectomy” operation has been developed, when the intersected vas deferens are sutured again, and the man again becomes capable of fertilization. The ability to conceive a child is restored in 90% of cases.

There is also an alternative technique in which specially designed miniature valves are inserted into the vas deferens, which can be opened and re-closed at will with a very small operation.

Recoverable vasectomy with soft rubber plugs that prevent sperm from flowing. They are inserted surgically and can be removed.

Polyurethane cork
The operation can be not only surgical, then a substance is introduced into the sperm ducts, which hardens and gives a contraceptive effect.

Male spiral
So far, a little-known method of male contraception. The male coil, similar to a miniature umbrella, is inserted through the head of the penis into the scrotum. At the end of the spiral there is a gel with a spermicidal effect.

To decide on the choice of contraception, a man must necessarily consult with an andrologist.

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