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Penile fracture

A genital fracture is difficult to confuse with anything. At the moment of tissue rupture, a characteristic crunch is heard – this is the white membrane of the corpora cavernosa cracking.

The main source of pride of all men is not exposed to all kinds of misfortunes. The penis can be rubbed, pinched, bruised, dislocated, and even broken.

In fact, a penile fracture is nothing more than a rupture of the cavernous (cavernous) bodies, the tunica albuginea and sometimes the urethra. This is the most severe male genital trauma.

Although penis fractures are not common in medical practice, they can still be broken. The penis is exposed to this danger in a state of erection, and almost all fractures are closed. The most common place for injury is, of course, the love bed. During intercourse, up to 58% of all fractures occur. Particularly risky in this regard is the “rider” pose, when a woman makes a sharp or incorrect movement. But experiments with other positions can end in a similar way. In this case, the erect penis does not fall into the vagina, but forcefully strikes the perineum or thigh.

Sometimes the penis breaks in other situations, such as when having sex in a car, as a result of active masturbation, when there is a sudden change in body position, and even while sleeping. Men who overestimate the strength of their “dignity” break it during squeezing to remove an erection. Rupture of genital tissues can also occur at the time of an accident, which can have much worse consequences than with a “bed” injury.

What happens then?
A genital fracture is difficult to confuse with anything. At the moment of tissue rupture, both partners hear a characteristic crunch – this is the albuminous membrane cracking. A man feels a sharp pain, an erection is rapidly disappearing. At the site of the rupture, a hematoma appears, which grows, and as a result, the genital organ swells greatly and acquires a violet-blue color. As a result, the broken penis becomes like an eggplant.

In severe cases, when the urethra ruptures, the man cannot empty his bladder.

What to do?
If it happens to break the penis, you need to immediately apply a tight bandage to the organ and apply ice. Then hospitalization is required in the urology department or, in extreme cases, in the surgical department. A penile fracture requires emergency surgery. Under anesthesia, the surgeon sutures the damaged tunica albuginea, the corpora cavernosa and, if necessary, the urethra. Then, for some time, tight bandaging is required.

Is it possible to do without surgery? Oddly enough, many men ignore the fracture according to the principle “It will pass by itself!” But in this case, you need to prepare for trouble. After the fracture heals, a rough scar forms at the site of the rupture, which leads to a significant curvature of the penis, poor blood supply to the organ, and, as a result, a lack of erection. Naturally, this makes intercourse difficult and often impossible.

In addition, with increasing arousal, the man experiences pain. But even in such a situation, not all is lost: contact a plastic surgeon who will remove the scar and straighten the penis. When nerves are damaged during a fracture, it can result in impotence.

Do not delay your visit to the doctor. If a penile fracture is left without treatment for several years, irreversible changes in the cavernous bodies may occur, and then only prosthetics can restore the ability to have sexual intercourse.

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